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RadioRace 2019 : Left In The Dark

My friend Myrriah Gossett reached out recently to see if I were interested in working on a short, 4 minute podcast contest, and I quickly agreed. Myrriah is one of those producers who can get things done fast, and beyond that is totally relatable and fun to hang with.

After receiving the theme for this year’s RadioRace with KCRW Where The Sun Don’t Shine, we were able to brainstorm and get permission to interview Jeri D. Jeri has an intense story, one that was incredibly difficult to distill to just four minutes. I think we did a good job presenting Jeri’s story.

I don’t want to give a spoiler, but Jeri talks about the time of his life he found out that he had prostate cancer, and he talks about what he had to do to stay alive. Jeri’s story is compelling, to say the least:

Like the music in this story?

Here it is, and for a little while it’s on sale:

RadioRace 2019 : Left In The Dark
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Music composed for the 2019 RadioRace sponsored by KCRW in Los Angeles.

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