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Capelinhos - Miniature Film Score

Using found footage of an eruption of Capelinhos in 1957, this video presents the terrifying blurriness of an eruption of a volcano, and really, the effects of that on a civilization. The music for this was such a joy to create!

Video: Capelinhos

Author: Alzira Simas


Copyright: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 CC


Ghost Town - Miniature Film Score

I found a video of a very dilapidated ghost town. It reminded me a lot of some creepy scary movies I've seen lately. This miniature film score is meant to accentuate that feeling of a creepy loneliness.

Original Video: Gerry Fialka Super 8 Movies Cottage Cottage Cheese


Author: Gerry Fialka

Citrus Drink - Miniature Film Score

It's August, and in Austin Texas we need everything we can get our hands on to stay cool. What better time than to publish this citrusy miniature film score, eh?

All footage was found on, and with the exception of the two videos below, all have the same “Royalty Free License.” The two that do not are “Videvo Attribution License”, by author: Videvo “Videvo Attribution License”, by author: Videvo