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Aggression, by The Shikes, Now Available
The Shikes: Aggression
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Aggression is a short album that explores themes like knifeplay, attempted suicides, allergies, and the public school system. The songs are set to the soundtrack of upbeat pop music crossed with analog and digital noise solos.

Lossless format, in the “aif” and “wav” formats, are also available (meaning, there is no degradation from the master recording). Full color artwork is included with each purchase.

Here are the options for lossless purchases:

$6 — Lossless Aif: Click here to purchase

$6 — Lossless Wav: Click here to purchase

To Be Released April 3rd: Aggression — The Shikes

Aggression, from The Shikes, is a petite collection of three songs that took roughly six years to find the light of day. This short album will be released on April 3rd, 2012, from this website only.

Options for downloading are:

  • 192 kbps Download for $3
  • Lossless Download (wav or aif format) for $6

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. it’s gone a spring song
  2. sit, think, make, say, do
  3. trouble in the height of spring

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The beautiful cover for Aggression was created by David Hobizal. The Shikes also have a colorful website that’s worth 30 seconds of your time. My suggestion is to repeately hit the word “Colorize.” Many thanks to my good friend Mike Strosaker for helping me out with the site.