Two New Albums by Evil Gima and Field Spectra

Evil Gima — AES

This album consists of five songs without any rhythm but roll by like thunderstorms. I managed to capture a cloud formation in Santa Fe, NM that naturally fit the mood of this particular song on the record:

All five songs on AES are roughly the same: Ambient, without rhythm, and exactly what it feels like to lazily watch thunderstorms:

Evil Gima: AES
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Field Spectra — Austin, TX

Austin, TX by Field Spectra consists of five field recordings of nature in Austin. Recording locations included Shoal Creek in downtown Austin (the audio is posted below) and various spots in South Austin including the Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge. That's a really neat building.

If you're an Austin expatriot, this is the album to get:

Field Spectra: Austin, TX
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