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Twirl In My Bedroom, Make Mommy Mad, from Get Up and SCREAM!!! by The Sidekick
The Sidekick: Get Up and SCREAM!!! (in the middle of the night)

Imagine you are having the most incredible night of dreams. In one, you are whistling a tune on top of a thundercloud. In another, you are speeding far beyond the speed of light in your brand new intergalactic hovercraft. Vivid dreaming is what this Sidekick record is all about.

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Get Up and SCREAM! (in the middle of the night), The Sidekick, 8-31-12

You are about to be enlightened about The Sidekick. Here’s a portrait courtesy of the Austin Museum of Digital Art:

Who’s inside the costume? Who’s behind the mask? And why is he dancing around like your little brother jacked up on too much soda pop? Nobody knows who The Sidekick is; he prefers to remain anonymous, an enigma. Austin, Texas is his home base - that’s all we know for certain. His music could either be the soundtrack to an 8-bit video game or they could be playing on a boom box in a home video of people smoking crack.

The Sidekick’s music is the soundtrack to your favorite 8-bit video game, built from dreams, humor, and a pixel smashing vitality. His EM Records debut album, “SAGA!…the story of a boy and his computer,” is an aural reminder of a time when Super Mario ruled the screen, electronic music was the sound your Nintendo made.

It would seem that the Sidekick had made some good friends with the Daily Texan after one of his many performances at the AMODA:

…technot musician and superhero wannabe The Sidekick danced maniacally onstage with such infectious energy the audience couldn’t help but smile. Nothing of The Sidekick is known except that he calls Austin home, loves to dance and captures listeners with his latest album, “Saga!… the story of a boy and his computer.” Saga is a journey into the world of a 12-year-old boy who loves 8-bit video games. At the end of the performance, The Sidekick waved goodbye to the audience, packed up his equipment and left the club. Leaving audiences to wonder in his wake, just who is the man behind the mask and the melodies.

Halie Pratt

Now comes time for le Sidekick’s second album release, just a mere seven years later. Bear with me, The Sidekick expressed his wish to explain his absence:

Hello there adoring fans and public! I BETCHA you peepioples feel REAL safe out there knowing a 12 YEAR OLD vigilante makes the streets safe from BAD monsters and evil villains. BUT ALAS, i cannot cover all the ground. I needed extra training in the form of Master Diis from the Samardic mountains (DON’T ASK LONG STORY). I have better kungfu now! the streetz are going to be SAFE. HAVE FUN WITH THIS SECOND RECORD.

Well, there you have it, kind of. Anyhow, this album will be released on the 31st of August in 2012. Here’s the track listing:

  1. twirl in my bedroom, make mommy mad
  2. ease does it
  3. bingo
  4. sleepy dream freedom
  5. the intergalactic hovercraft
  6. I like fairy tales
  7. get up and SCREAM
  8. REM sleep twist sheets
  9. junk-a-tron
  10. there is no love boat

Stay tuned. More details to follow on this record, including samples of the songs.