Sprightly Moans -vs- The Mechanical Turk

In May 2014, we conducted a brutally effective experiment with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The objective was to receive completely unbiased, brutal honesty from people we're not likely to ever meet in person. We asked these people what they thought about the first seven seconds of the song I Wanna Be Afraid, and the answers were stupendously honest. The rest of this page contains these answers unedited, ripe with memorable prose and (in some cases) un-self-conscious frustration at having to listen to music they didn't enjoy...


There's nothing that really happens in the first 7 seconds of the song.  It's hard to judge what the song is going to do after only 7 seconds and a very basic guitar riff with drums. 


The starting background makes me feel that I am on the playground doing marchpast! Only jarring noise. Could have started with a guitar or saxophone piece. 

the music was nothing more than a drum beat - the singer sounded like he was in pain

I loved the music of the song and it is amazing. 

I did like the song, particularly the beat in the beginning. I thought the beat was very uplifting, something that you would hear after accomplishing a huge feat. However, the lead singer did not have that great of a voice. 

I dont wanna be mean.. but I'm afraid of the singer's voice it's like he's taking drugs but still I salute with the efforts. 

I like the theme of this song. 

its very energitic [sic] and i like this

I like the strong guitar and drums. I thought the empty pause at the very beginning was a bit too long. 

The first 7 seconds was alright, but once the singing started I did not enjoy it anymore.  I am not saying that it did not take talent to make it but it just was not y cup of tea. 

not at all

It's rather noisy in the beginning but I like fast beats.  The title needs to be changed.. it's not something a lot of people can relate to because most people don't want to be afraid. 

I like the music of the song. 

another of already toomany heavy metal bands

Not sure I like the tone but like the melody.

I'm sorry but it is very repetitive and conventional. It sounds like there was very little prep or practice involved. Sorry for being brutal but I'm being honest. 

The background music is effective.

Music is not pleasant and not matching the song, song is good.

music was good rocking

It startled me. The beginning was very quiet and the contrast wasn't a good surprise. I like different and I can see where this was going but the transition could be tweaked just a tad. I didn't want to listen to more but I did and I actually LIKED the song once it got past the 1 minute mark. The lead singer has a great voice. Perhaps working on the smoothing out some of the accompanying guitar and drums so it's not quite as harsh and appeals to more people, more of the time would match the singer's appealing voice. Sorry if that was too honest. I'm a music lover. :) 

The guitar music is impressive

The vocals are interesting. The sound quality is poor. I would speed up the tempo. 

I didn't like, some thing is missing, i can hear that some one is shouting. 

its very energetic and enjoyable i likes this song

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