Sprightly Moans: Demos III

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This stripped-down Austin duo brings raw passion and much enthusiasm to the rock table with their simplistic use of drums, vocals and one guitar. It’s not a combination that many bands can successfully pull off, but Sprightly Moans has made a sound uniquely all their own that’s instantly recognizable. 

When most people think of a guitar-and-drum band, Jack White probably comes to mind with his garish brightness and blues-influenced grunge rock but don’t be fooled by the genre. From soft, acoustic melodies tinged with sadness to harder-hitting pop-rock anthems, Sprightly Moans brings to music what a lit fuse brings to a rocket – quiet and unassuming at first, but you’re just waiting for it to explode. 

The lyrics are simplistic but full of meaning, and can bring about a surprising range of emotions within the same song – laughter and melancholy, happiness and reflection – without losing the listener’s focus. Some songs just seem to be the soundtrack to life and its various ups and downs, which means Sprightly Moans should be playing in the back of your mind at least once a day. 

“I Wanna Be Afraid”, a single from their Demos III EP, recalls lazy days with your friends - times when you just hung out together and had a few cold ones in the heat of summer while listening to music on the back porch. The lyrics are trippy and easy to sing along with as you sway with the wind that blows your hair – and your mind. On the other hand, “Love is Nothing Without Eternity” is haunting, ethereal and jaw-dropping in its tenderness and respect to the creation of the song and the words that lie within. 

As brilliant as they are with lyrics and as creative as they are with sound, the vocals can occasionally come across as too muddled to properly understand and might seem a touch overplayed in the closed-mouth way of some singers today. But that’s not to say Sprightly Moans is just another band, not at all. They are a dynamic, integral part of the Austin music scene and around the world, a spaceship waiting to break through the atmosphere into the world beyond. 

Determination, a unique style and caring about their audience is a winning recipe that this band is cooking up fervently, with no plans to stop anytime soon – and that’s good news for everyone.

Sprightly Moans: Demos III
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