Flutters Featured on Middle Tennessee Music

Dave Wirth‘s newest album Flutters is a refreshing and much welcome change to the barrage of over-produced, over-packaged and typically over-thought-out music being released (and submitted to us).

A thirty-five minute journey with nothing but Dave and his guitar results in one of the most relaxing and “in-the-moment” records I have heard in quite some time.

For a more in-depth look into Dave and his music, be sure to check out our recent interview.

The visual accompaniment for the single Song For Hawley does an excellent job at setting the tone and giving us a glimpse into what we can expect for the rest of this sonically comforting journey.

Like a soothing Sunday drive or a breezy evening on the front porch, Dave Wirth takes us on a journey through simple, in-the-moment acoustic arrangements.

Consider me a fan!

…it was a surprise, but after like five of these songs were written, the theme of chill-ness became apparent. Just the experience of listening to a piece of music and not necessarily being titillated by it… that seemed like it was how this record decided to present itself… I know there’s people out there who want music to completely overwhelm them, and I am like that too sometimes. This record ended up having the feeling of a super-chill road trip, a lazy afternoon. I was delighted with how it turned out. Very happy.”

I’m delighted as well. Flutters is a great addition to your music collection.

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