Dave Wirth Interview on Middle Tennessee Music

This is pretty fun! Just got interviewed by Joshua at We talked about Flutters, music, creativity, and more:

Let’s dive a little deeper into You, the artist and your music. What attracted you to this genre(s) or style(s)?

I feel happy to write in a lot of different genres, but this record in particular was written over the course of a year, simply just hanging out and playing guitar. Sometimes a sound would catch my ear, sometimes a theme would come around. I was surprised because I’ve never really played something so accessible, so simple and pleasing. It felt extremely natural to do it.

What led you into this journey with music? And further, what drives you to push it out to the public?

I have no idea. I kinda think that the best music comes by surprise. I’ve noticed there’s a huge amount of time that I think about and compose music in my head before it comes around, but these songs in comparison were so simple. They came like flashes of lightning. I was quite happy about how fast they came along.

As far as the public, I don’t entirely know either. I won’t lie about it. I’d enjoy a bit of recognition, but it’d be just as satisfying if there were 10 people who dug the shit out of the record, listened to it a lot, enjoyed it, and hung out with it like they hang out with a good friend.

Who or what influences your creativity? Have your tastes in music changed over time?

Just about everything, everyone, influences creativity. I haven’t ever seen creativity as all that special really. It’s a part of my life, and the better I live my life the more flow I get. Creativity and living? Well, that’s just me living my life, being a crazy weirdo about music, art, and finding the beauty in picking up dog poo. It’s odd, but living a good life enhances my creativity. Living a good life also includes expressing creativity, expressing music, sharpening my pencils and practicing. It’s all related in some weird, backwards way. I’ll practice, I’ll write, I’ll study more music. It just won’t end. It’s a thread that is wound through every part of my life.

Anyhow, my listening tastes have totally changed over time. In high school: progressive rock and metal. College: indie rock and jazz. Grad school: slo-core, way more obscure indie rock, and modern classical. It always changes. Lately, free jazz, ECM records, Kraftwerk, and lots of Berlioz.

Were you trying to accomplish anything specific on this new project? Creatively or otherwise?

Again it was a surprise, but after like five of these songs were written, the theme of chill-ness became apparent. Just the experience of listening to a piece of music and not neccesarily being titillated by it… that seemed like it was how this record decided to present itself. I had no choice, I just followed orders. I felt like there were so many songs that instantly had that chill-ness about them right from the start. I know there’s people out there who want music to completely overwhelm them, and I am like that too sometimes. This record ended up having the feeling of a super-chill road trip, a lazy afternoon. I was delighted with how it turned out. Very happy.

What was the last song you listened to?

Uh oh… Mozart’s Piano Concerto #20. Yup. I’m a nerd.

Which do you prefer? Vinyl? CDs? MP3s?

They all seem good for something. Vinyl gives me the sound I prefer, CD’s are great for the car and used cds are a great way to pick up new music, and mp3’s are just for days when I don’t care to choose. They all have use. If I had my druthers, I’d have an entire room of the house dedicated to vinyl and cds and fuckloads of books, but that’s just not happening anytime soon.

How about this one…. Do you prefer Spotify? Apple Music? Bandcamp? Or something else? Why?

I can’t stomach using Spotify or Apple Music, but Bandcamp is great. Good, independent music can be found there, discovered there, and you can directly support the artist, which I do a lot of. I also like YouTube. Everything is on there, and I don’t mind the ads. I aint buying their shit and Google has no idea what I listen to because I care about my privacy.

Other than the digital era overwhelming us with access to an abundance of music, what is the biggest challenge you face when trying to connect with or find new fans?

The biggest challenge I face is simply to find and impress the gatekeepers to those fans. If Flutters ever got reviewed on Pitchfork (won’t happen, ha ha ha), I probably could pay the rent for the next month or two. They’re a hell of a gatekeeper. It’s hard to find anyone who actually wants to listen and give their heart to the music. I personally feel that all music deserves my heart, but not everyone feels that way. A lot of people feel attacked by the music they don’t care for, as if it were so horrible that a song we didn’t like ended up finding it’s way into our ears. Other gatekeepers are simply musicians who have their own different fan base. These days I’ve been making a point of collaborating with other musicians and artists, doing studio work, working on films, sending files back and forth online, etc. It’s been a lot of fun! Getting the music out there is cool, but I think there’s something to be said to just being really open to the people around me, what they are doing, and what I can add to their happiness. It’s more enjoyable, we all create music and post about it, and I don’t have to fight as much to get music out there.

Where is the best place to connect with you online? Discover more music? has pretty much everything I’m not totally embarrased about.

And tips for discovering more music? Try researching record labels. I spent years getting into Merge, Saddle Creek, Jagjaguar, KRS, etc. It seems like labels always have stuff buried that’s really cool, undiscovered, and totally unique.

Anything else you’d like to add before signing off?

Nothing at all! Thanks for the chance to get on my soapbox!