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Sprightly Moans - I Wanna Be Afraid from Sprightly Moans on Vimeo.

Sprightly Moans’ first ever music video, and of the song I Wanna Be Afraid. The record that this song appears on can be purchased here (this is a super limited edition pressing, so get it while you can).


Demos III, Sprightly Moans


Release Date: January 30th, 2014

Totally unique design; We’re confident that no band has ever created a CD sleeve quite like Demos III. Black felt and regular white card stock were combined to create the sleeve, while three songs rest on an unmarked, silver cd. Fans who get a copy will receive something special; it took us fifteen minutes to make each one.

Demos III has been reviewed by a number of publications, including here, and here.

We are having a CD release party and we’re giving them all away for free. Want one? Then I suppose you’d best RSVP, and quickly.

To purchase a copy before they are all gone, click here.


Demos II, Sprightly Moans, Now Available


Demos II is the second of four releases that Sprightly Moans will be doing in 2013. We’ve only made about 30 (beautiful origami, black felt card-stock with white ink) copies of Demos II, so if you’d like to get one of these collector’s edition releases, you’ll have to act quickly. How?

You can always try to contact us directly. No guarantees! Sorry! But, if you were to jump on our newsletter, we will give priority to you for all future releases like this.


Demos I, Sprightly Moans, Released


Demos I is the first of four releases that Sprightly Moans will be doing in 2013. Each “release” we do will be special edition, meaning that each copy will be individually numbered and signed by us. Each will include three songs and rest assured that each disk is perfectly silver.

These releases are free for the taking, but you need to reserve them ahead of time because they go quickly. The best way to assure yourself a copy is by jumping on the Sprightly Moans mailing list


New Project: Sprightly Moans


If you imagined a cross-breeding of Jimi Hendrix, The White Stripes, and Lightning Bolt, then you’ll be in the ballpark of what the Sprightly Moans do. Sprightlymoans.com houses a small, but growing, collection of visual interests and a rapidly expanding library of guitar tablatures. 

For those interested in having news delivered to their doorstep about this band, go here.


Free Download: Syrup by Evil Gima

Syrup came from a simple idea: record a lot of ambient, textural piano and slow it down. This roughly twenty five minute song was slowed down by 75%, and is now available for your phase-out-and-stare-at-a-wall-for-an-hour pleasure.



Cover art is a derivative of A failure in fly-paper by Friedrich Graetz.


Now Released: Get Up and SCREAM (in the middle of the night)




Imagine you are having the most incredible night of dreams. In one, you are whistling a tune on top of a thundercloud. In another, you are speeding far beyond the speed of light in your brand new intergalactic hovercraft. Imagine yourself waking up with nothing but a vague feeling that you had an extraordinary night of sleep, filled with monsters, incredible kung-fu, and life-enlarging tales to tell your grandchildren (if they would only listen). 

The long awaited follow up the The Sidekick’s first record has finally arrived. This time around, expect 36 action packed, kung-fu laden, sleepy time minutes of music worthy of either making you gesticulate wildly in the comfort of your own home or brave enough to shout obscenities at potential muggers. 

Also available are two free bonus tracks, leftovers from Mr. Sidekick himself, who oddly is not available to comment on his own record release (all I got from him was a mumble or two, and then a dropped call).

Get your electronic spaz attack on. Do it.


ease does it is the second song off of the new Sidekick record, Get Up and SCREAM! (in the middle of the night). This album will be released on August 31st, 2012.


i like fairy tales is the sixth song off of the new Sidekick record, Get Up and SCREAM! (in the middle of the night).


Get Up and SCREAM! (in the middle of the night), The Sidekick, 8-31-12


You are about to be enlightened about The Sidekick. Here’s a portrait courtesy of the Austin Museum of Digital Art:

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