Sprightly Moans Interview - Garage Rock's Full Measure

By Chris Roman of

As it is, I find the Sprightly Moans to be an interesting band, and maybe even more interesting in words as I conducted this interview with one half of this pair: Dave Wirth. Check out his often witty and rather intellectual responses to this batch of questions, and considering checking out their album Demos II while you're at it.

Hear the Indie: Could you tell me who Sprightly Moans is? How you guys came together and why you have opted to make music in general?

Sprightly Moans (Dave): I started experimenting with awfully loud music in my studio in late 2012 because I needed relief. I fooled around with different guitar textures until it sounded weird and messed up. I started adding some completely amateur sounding drum beats that I did, and stockpiled those ideas, but I realized quickly that was a bad move. I contacted a studio drummer, but I was keeping my hopes up for someone I could work with long-term. Eventually I was able to snucker Jeff Olson into playing. He is ten times a drummer than I am a guitarist. He keeps me on my toes... 

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