Now Released: Get Up and SCREAM (in the middle of the night)

Imagine you are having the most incredible night of dreams. In one, you are whistling a tune on top of a thundercloud. In another, you are speeding far beyond the speed of light in your brand new intergalactic hovercraft. Imagine yourself waking up with nothing but a vague feeling that you had an extraordinary night of sleep, filled with monsters, incredible kung-fu, and life-enlarging tales to tell your grandchildren (if they would only listen). 

The long awaited follow up the The Sidekick‚Äôs first record has finally arrived. This time around, expect 36 action packed, kung-fu laden, sleepy time minutes of music worthy of either making you gesticulate wildly in the comfort of your own home or brave enough to shout obscenities at potential muggers. 

Get your electronic spaz attack on. Do it.