"I Wanna Be Afraid" The New Single From Rock Band Sprightly Moans

Along the intricately tangled roots buried deep within the origins of rock, emerges a powerful force known as Sprightly Moans. The Austin, Texas duo has just unleashed the latest single “I Wanna Be Afraid” From their upcoming album Demos III scheduled to be unveiled January 30th, 2014. If the single is any indication as to what Sprightly Moans intends to bring to the discriminating ear, be ready for a chilling meet and greet filled with a perplexing, yet fascinating musical experience.  Laced with a mysterious voyage through the inner-workings of darkness and desire, the single is surprisingly accented with energetic twists and turns.

“I Wanna Be Afraid” is a carefully crafted Hard Rock piece that lyrically dances with the taboo while also redefining the rules of engagement for avid rock consumers. The use of conscious wordplay and elaborate vocal changes throughout the song worked in a cohesive  manner with the instrumental elements to produce a flight of the imagination into an unchartered realm. The lyrics work effectively to blanket the atmosphere with a heavy, shadowy cloud that becomes surprisingly weightless as the chorus lurches in. When a band can actually make the tiny hairs on your neck stand up, it is fairly certain to say that they have delivered...

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