"Building upon his extensive experience as a dedicated & career musician, Dave is excited to take-on the challenge of adapting & morphing his style & skillset into composing imaginative TV & film scores.  With his artistically-inclined instincts, stunning attention to detail and authentic ear for sound – Dave has a sincere approach and a fresh perspective that confidently leads him to create brilliantly unique styles & textures of music designed to enhance & complement visuals with exceptionally captivating results.  One of those rare artists that can get right to the heart of the art and uncover the true essence of what will make a scene or a song memorable & connect to people at their very core, Dave prides himself on finding the right energy, mood, attitude, tone, and expression in his compositions; he can take what was once intangible or impossible to describe, make moving music that organically absorbs its sentiment or subjects into sound, & turn it into unforgettable aural experiences that genuinely resonate within us all."



Film Score Sketches


Your Chance To Live: Earthwatch - Sketch for Introduction

Royal Ballroom Sketch

Epic Cliff

Sunset Sketch




Music Videos


The Still Life

Song For Hawley



Stylistic Examples


Ridiculously Relaxed Solo Acoustic Guitar

Calm & Organic Indie-Folk

Volcanic Rock and Roll

Upbeat Indie Pop With A Twinge of the Manic

Dreamy Electronic

Dark, Brooding Minimalist


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