You're a sport! Sorry for the cheap ploy on my business card.

That being said, I want to collaborate with visual and experimental artists, dancers, composers, and indie filmmakers to create beautiful new works. Obviously, that's worth the potential embarrassment to me.

I am super strong at composing extremely unique music for your project. I can do ambient soundscapes, pop singles, IDM, and even jingles if you need it.

As a guitarist, I am super strong in the studio adding guitar tracks to your song. I can add beautiful solos, solid rhythms, or spacey textures.

Working with others to create a new work of art is way fun, though I can just as easily work alone on a project.

I also have a large amount of music to pull from, in case you are pressed for time.

I might not even charge you a licensing fee if your project is interesting enough. It really depends, so please just reach out.

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