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David Hamburger's YouTube Guitar Extravaganza

David Hamburger, a fantastic guitarist and film composer in Austin, asked me last year if I were interested in helping him out with some filming. Since I’ve been around the block with multicam guitar lesson editing, it was an honor to help him. I took a couple of shots of the sessions we’ve been doing:

And the results have been really great so far:

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Give Comic Sans A Break, Okay?

Typographer Vincent Connare, the man behind Comic Sans, was asked by Dezeen about the font. His answer was excellent:

"There are 200-300 fonts installed on every computer but people pick Comic Sans because it is different and it looks more like handwriting and does not look like an old school text book. It is a personal decision. The same could be asked of why do people like Ugg boots, Justin Bieber or pink tracksuits."

Great news for creative people in their 40’s

Here’s a thought, according to the BBC, people have creative peaks in their 20’s and 50’s. This means for any creative in their 40’s, the next creative spurt is yet to come:

Professor Weinberg says that young people who feel they’ve got more to accomplish should keep going.

”Someone who is experimental and is accumulating knowledge gradually over time is someone who really, really should not give up.

”I mean we don’t necessarily know how eminent they will get and how their achievements will be.

”But for that type of person they will do their best work - at least their best innovative work - later in their careers and they should be aware of that and keep going.”
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Austin Entertainment Business Meetup Report: May 2nd at the W Hotel, Austin.

The Austin Entertainment Business group has taken a step into a much larger circle, and last night’s meetup of entertainment professionals was proof of its ascent. Over 300 entertainment professionals from a wide variety of disciplines converged on the W Hotel in Austin. To say it was a jam packed event would be an understatement, and it’s proof that there are people in a Austin hungry for more connection in the creative realm.

Our hostess Jennifer Hutchins gave a wonderful presentation full of great tips and expert advice, and AEB board members Kiki Teague and Ross Krachey pumped up the crowd. Our special guest speaker was David Hartstein, director and producer. David’s films have been screened at the most prestigious film festivals including Tribeca, SXSW, Sundance, and many more. His advice on making the most out of the experience of going to a film festival was invaluable, especially to the directors in the audience.

I’ve written about other Austin Entertainment Business meetups before, but this one was different… different enough that I am awake at 6:30 am the next day writing about it (and I’m not fond of early mornings). What makes this meetup different is how focused it is on making Austin a center for film, television, and digital media while connecting businesses to entertainment pros in the United States. I love how it restlessly wishes to connect creatives with hiring managers, how it attracts the top talent in Austin, and how it connects everyone in the entertainment scene together and in such a way that we all benefit.

Truly, Jennifer Hutchins is onto something here, and it’s something we should all get behind. It will make Austin a better city for film, and for film creatives!

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How Introverts Think

Largely, just because a person doesn’t talk openly and bubbly to strangers doesn’t really mean she thinks she is better than anyone else. Introverts are choosey about the people they are around simply because they don’t feel more energized from talking to too many other people at one time.

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Gill Sans

Every time I see this,


I remember this:


An avid artist and explorer, Eric Gill often experimented with all things he found interesting, including all things taboo, too.

Have I ruined Gill Sans for you? I can’t look at that typeface without thinking of Eric Gill in a smock. The shudder is involuntary.

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The Kick-Over

I heard some screw got his lemon kicked in in [sic] that mess-hall kick-over.

Hyman Golden in the Dictionary of Underworld Lingo. Kick-Overs are riots in prison

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Keys Have Vibes

I was just thinking about how Hans Zimmer tends to choose a key strategically. In his Masterclass, he uses the key of D minor to make it so the strings have something to land on, aka a deep and dark pedal tone. He chose D minor because that key works to establish a pedal tone as well as be a little dark.

This made me wonder about the vibes of specific keys. So, if D Minor is dark, what about F Major? Or Db Minor? No doubt, I’d like to have a better understanding of this!