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Never answer an email FROM your email address

After receiving a number of random threat emails from my own email address, I started to wonder if I was hacked. I changed my passwords immediately. Then, after emailing my security team, I found out that it’s pretty easy to spoof an email address, even if a hacker doesn’t have your password! I even tried it with an anonymous email service. Voila, test worked. Lesson learned.

Summary: It’s a crazy world we live in. 99% of the email that ends up in your spam folder deserves to be there, even if it’s from your address.

MySpace commits musical suicide

According to the BBC: 

 MySpace, one of the first online social networks, has apologised after a server migration caused a huge loss of data.

A message on its website says that "any photos, videos and audio files" uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available.

There had been complaints going back several months that links to music were no longer working.

Another reason why we shouldn’t be so eager to build houses on an unsteady foundations.